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Lindsay G - Tampa

Nature’s Select is the absolute BEST! I mean that with every ounce of my heart. I’m a newer customer to the Nature’s Select lines, but I feel as if I’ve been part of the Nature’s Select family for a long time.

Every representative of Nature’s Select is always so polite, kind, and nice. They are always willing to answer any questions I may have in regards to their products. I’ve always made my routine drive to the pet stores to buy the “typical” commercial diets, but I’m here to say Nature’s Select by far exceeds those diets every time.

You don’t know how excited my Aussies are for delivery day. They hear the van pull up, and you can find them so excited, sitting and waiting for “their” food to arrive. From diets that are extremely palatable, digestible, and those which ensure my dogs are getting the best quality ingredients…to the convenience of home delivery, I’ll never change back.

Two of my Aussies have food allergies/intolerance, and the Alaskan Salmon & Sweet Potato formula keep them in check, full, healthy and happy. I also dog-sit an Aussie for a friend when she is out of town (which she is the most finicky eater I’ve ever met), and after not touching any diet you put in front of her, wouldn’t you know she gobbled up the Ultra-Lite Nature’s Select formula with nothing else added, that’s it! One of my Aussies is a certified therapy dog and as you can see by the picture she is oh so happy for mealtimes with Nature’s Select! Nature’s Select keeps her healthy so she can continue to touch the hearts and lives of people each week. Thank you Nature’s Select for all you do!

Mary B - Tampa

All of my Aussies LOVE mealtime. They know they are getting nutritionally balanced meals and I don’t have to worry about by-products or if my food has been recalled.  Their coats are shiny and they have more energy.

Belle says Thank You for making sure she has food. She couldn’t wait and just put her head in the storage container while it was being filled.




Patty L - Tampa area

I have been using your products for approx 2 months or so, and wanted you to know about the side benefits.
I started using your cat food because my cat had an urinary tract infection, and I didn't want the ash in his food.  He is a large Siamese (very talkative) and his fur has always been kind of rough.  I have just noticed how soft he is.  I mean really soft, a big change.  My other cat already was soft and fluffy, but his coat is even softer.

I am really glad that I have switched over.  It may cost a little more per month in food, but the benefits definitely out way that.

Cheryl D - Wesley Chapel

Four years ago I rescued two dogs who had been horribly neglected and abused.  

They were extremely hyper and had various medical conditions, including skin allergies which were aggravated more from EVERY type of dog food on the shelves.  

After hundreds of dollars spent at the vet's office, a dog trainer recommended Nature's Select because of the natural ingredients and the food not having any by-products in it.  My dogs have calmed down and their skin allergies are gone!  I had even switched to a "quality" Lamb and Rice dry food from Pet Smart (recommended by a vet) 6 months ago.  The food from Pet Smart was not only more expensive, but my dogs scratched and licked themselves all day and night.  We then switched back to Nature Select and within one week the skin allergy was gone!  My dogs are proof of how amazing this food is!  

The picture is my son Kevin with Harley, my 5 year old dog that was abused by 4 different families and removed from all of those homes before being adopted by me.  Although he was once abused by children, he loves the new addition to our family!  He is very gentle with the baby and gives him "smooches" every chance he gets :-)

Betsy L - Tarpon Springs

I am a new happy customer!  I have switched to Nature’s Select because of the quality and convenience of having it delivered to my house - what a huge bonus! 

I am so glad I stopped by your booth at the Pet Walk in St. Pete!!





Mary Q - Dade City

We brought into our house an owner surrendered Boxer at the age of 11 yrs. She came to us with a long history of chronic diarrhea. We introduced her to Nature’s Select and she flourished on the food and never had another bout of diarrhea. She lived happily until the age of fourteen when we lost her to old age.

Our other three Boxers were and still are on Nature’s Select and are doing great. We have another rescue Boxer that we got at eleven weeks of age with some medical and skin problems. She is also doing great on Nature’s Select and no more skin problems.